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Hi, I'm Mia! I'm a 20-something year old living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I began blogging in 2008, my sophomore year of college, to have a creative outlet to hone my writing skills. I always dreamed of being a fashion journalist for a high fashion magazine. My blog is like my personal diary where I write about my style, beauty, health/fitness, and other lifestyle topics. As a plus size woman, I aim to reshape society's definition of beauty in each post.  Fashion is how I express myself and how I developed confidence my personal identity. I don't call myself a role model at all, but I want to show women of all sizes that you can look and feel sexy and beautiful regardless of the number on the scale. Blogging has opened so many doors for me professionally and has allowed me to reach thousands of women across the world. I use my social media influence to inspire and empower women to be the best version of themselves.

So many people want to know where did "Mia The Boss" come from. I've always had a crush and admiration for Rick Ross and how he called himself "the biggest boss." I loved his sense of dominance and hustler mindset. I literally took characteristic traits of his rapper persona and incorporated it into my everyday lifestyle and brand. I'm the definition of a boss because of my confidence, ambition, drive, passion, and altruism.

I began a personal journey to become a better me by having weight loss surgery in March 2016. I share my weight loss journey on my YouTube channel.

Blog Disclosure: Blogging is my part-time job (hoping to make it full time), so I partner with companies to promote brands that I love via paid collaborations. I would never compromise the integrity of my blog or brand by sharing products or services I don't love or that don't align with my personal values. The contents of each blog post is written by me. I disclose when a post is sponsored by a brand.

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