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Red Hot Chili Pepper

I wanted to try something new with my hair, so I decided to go long and red. With a such a bold hair color, I wanted to play in some looks that matched my tresses. I love this artsy mesh mini dress from Fashion Nova. Keeping the dress and my hair the focal point, I choice some Bottega-inspired strappy sandals (also from Fashion Nova) and thick gold hoops. I wish this dress was a little longer to compliment my tall stature. I loved everything about this look, but it's definitely the hair for me. 

Blooming & Blushing

Well hello there! Happy New Year! With a new year, I want to incorporate more feminine, sophisticated, and girly pieces to my wardrobe. I'm a lover of ruffles and chiffon, so this mini frock was the perfect addition. Being 5'10 (add three to four inches for heels) it's hard for me to wear mini dresses without them totally exposing my derriere or looking like a t-shirt. This dress covered enough, but also showed off my favorite asset - my long legs! I love pieces that conceal problematic areas, but accentuate just enough to still be classy, yet sexy. Hope everyone is enjoying their 2020 so far!

Dress & Shoes: Fashion Nova Curve (Use code MIATHEBOSS) | Purse: Louis Vuitton | Hair: Daughter Depot Hair

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