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Despite all the hatred and negativity, I've received on social media dating many years ago until today, I still stand strong and a fighter. I embody strength and resilience. I fight for what I believe in, people I love, and what's right. I learned a long time ago that my very social media presence is bigger than who I am. I learned that I have helped empower, encourage, inspire, and uplift so many other women and teenage girls. My journey to becoming the best version of my has made me so transparent, yet I continue to share my raw, unfiltered truth. I had weight loss surgery last March and I've lost 80 lbs (maybe a little more ... I don't weigh myself religiously). I never compared my journey to any other woman I've seen on Instagram because I know where I started and how I chose to navigate my journey. My objective to lose weight wasn't to be lose weight the fastest, but to enjoy the transformation. I been fat my whole life and never expected to have a coke bottle figure over night. It's so many critics without credentials on social media. People get so comfortable to hide behind a keyboard and they can type 1,000 words per minute of pure hatred and evilness. I've been a victim of online harassment since 2009. I've seen over a hundred fake accounts and e-mails from miserable people since I began blogging. I felt so attacked and I didn't trust anyone for a while because I thought it was those closest to me doing all of this. I decided I wasn't going to hold on to this anymore. Releasing such negativity from my life, has allowed me to begin healing. I inspire hundreds of thousands of women to live her life unapologetically and to love herself unconditionally. Weight loss surgery has brought out the best and worse in people that were in my life. I learned that sh*t happens, so a shift can happen. Everything truly happens for a reason and I'm smiling, slaying, and glowing! Stay strong and keep shining fatshionistas.

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