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The Girl In The White Dress

Early sunsets and chilling temperatures means winter is officially here in Charlotte! That definitely won't stop me from wearing white. Of course I can't wear summer whites (crochets, linens, etc), I carefully select cold-weather textures and fabrics. I opted for a turtleneck midi dress from Rebdolls. I love the sophistication of turtlenecks and how it keeps me warm. Rebdolls sizing has always been tricky for me because of their amazing stretchy material, so I'm proud to say I'm comfortably rocking a size 1X. I paired my dress with a black oversized faux fur shawl and black velvet booties. Glamour and luxury are two words to sum up my look. Head over to Rebdolls to add this dress to your wardrobe!

Dress: Rebdolls | Faux Fur Shawl: Chic & Curvy Boutique | Hair: Savon Luxe | Shoes: Shoe Trend

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