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Fatshionista Files: Roxy Reyes

Meet Roxy, a plus size blogger and wardrobe stylist from Sun Valley, California. Not only do I love her classic red lips to her mix of vintage and trends, Roxy uses her own journey to finding health and confidence with others through styling. I absolutely love this girl, besides the fact she has an infinite adoration of skater skirts like me, but she's the perfect example of a fatshionista.

Describe your personal style.
I would say my style is simple, very chic, with a pop!

Where are your favorite places to shop?
My favorite places to shop would definitely be H&M (most of their item go up to a size 14 now!) I’m definitely in love with Forever 21+, and there’s this small boutique by my house called Fashion Q where they also carry plus sizes!

What does being a fatshionista mean to you? 
To me being a fatshionista definitely means confidently werking your own unique style no matter what size!

What's your advice to other plus size girls struggling with self-esteem?
This is such a sensitive topic that’s so very close to my heart. I’ve been the “ugly duckling” Growing up I was called every single bad name you could think of! It wasn’t until I realized the people calling me these names felt even worst about themselves so I simply decided to stop caring! I started the process to loving myself by making a list of things I loved about myself and sadly I only had 3 things. I knew I was funny, I knew I was a talented singer, and I had been blessed with great hair! I would make to remind myself to love, appreciate and werk the heck out those things. My hair was always looking fly, I improved my singing, and I use my sense of humor more often until my confidence slowly but surely grew. That confidence spilled over to other things, I started loving my legs, then my skin color, my height, etc. LOVE YOURSELF!! Start your process, start by loving one body part at a time and eventually you’ll learn to love and accept yourself. Remember you can do anything you set your mind to no matter what people say no matter what number is on the scale.

Where do you draw fashion inspiration? A lot of my fashion inspo comes from my head lol my mind works in mysterious ways! I can look a top, color, accessory and my mind will automatically start running patterns, colors, accessories that can go with that certain item! Crazy I know! The world is my fashion inspo! For example my nephew spilled his bucket of crayons and the purple, brown, and orange crayon fell next to each other and I totally fell in love with the color combo, so I wore an outfit with those colors!

Who’s your fashion icons?
I can’t really say I have a fashion icon but I think Rihanna has an amazing style. I love Rihanna style because of her uniqueness and edginess. That girl follows not trends. She can go from a punk rock look one day to a girly girl look the next. She wears what she wants and when she wants to and has so much confidence doing so! All that confidence shines through her outfits and I love that! I appreciate uniqueness.

What's your best beauty secret? I’m huge on skin care and I’m totally in love with Laroche-posay line of skin care. I have oily skin and they carry a matte moisturizer, matte sunblock, etc. My skin has never looked better!! I also recently discovered the beauty blender. It blends my concealer so well giving my skin that airbrush look.

What's your favorite piece in your wardrobe and in your makeup bag?
My favorite piece in my wardrobe would be this high slit draped black dress I purchased from H&M. I feel so sexy yet classy in it plus I add a chunky belt to it making my waist look small.My Favorite thing in my makeup would be my Ruby Woo lipstick from MAC or as I like to call it Roxy Woo and my waterproof liquid eyeliner from NYX! Lol I never go anywhere without those two. I keep extras at home just in case I lose one.

What's a makeup trends you love this summer?
Bronzer, bronzer and more Bronzer! I love how bronzer gives you that glowing/tanned look which is perfect for summer.

Tell me about your weight loss journey and what’s some advice for those on the same journey?
My starting weight was 287lbs. What started my weight loss journey was my family trip to Guatemala. The weather out there is extremely hot making you not want to do anything and for me that included eating. When I got back from my trip I had lost 12lbs! Which at the time was a huge number for me. It felt amazing! I joined and gym and promised myself I wouldn’t gain that weight back. I started very small. I began with walking on the treadmill for 20min everyday! Little by little my endurance got better so I would run for a minute then walk for 5 run for another minute them walk again all within 20 minutes. Eventually I started running for 5 min straight, and then 5min became 15, then 20min then 30min until I was able to run for an hour and half non-stop. I ran every single day. Same thing with my diet. I started off with my common sense. For example I knew junk food wasn’t healthy so I got rid of it. I knew a salad was better than a burger. Etc. Then after a couple of weeks I started counting calories and gave myself a daily calorie intake of 2,000 calories. I purchased books I educated myself on food and effective workouts. The more weight loss the fewer calories I gave myself. I kept track of every single thing. I logged my food, calories of each item and my workouts in a journal. I had so social life. For 6 months it was literally work, school, gym. That’s it! Sounds like a lot of work right? Well it was but it took me a couple of months to get there. The best advice I can give anyone is to set small goals for you and take it one day at a time. Want to lose 100lbs? That’s fine but focus on losing 5lbs once you accomplish that go for 10lbs and so on. Keep track of your success, educate yourself. Buy books read and make a special inspiration calendar and give yourself a daily check for finishing your workout and another for sticking to your diet. It makes it so much easier when you can actually see your accomplishments. It took me 8 months to lose over 100lbs. I realized I was at almost 300lbs because I put myself there and stopped blaming the world for that. I stopped making excuses and started working my ass off and here I am now at a healthy 198lbs.

What got you into styling?
Not finding clothes to wear got me into styling! I remember going into these boutiques with my sister who's petite and always wishing they had trendy clothes like that for plus size women. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I started studying fashion, researching plus size stores and started styling my own friends. The very first time I accidentally helped a friend put together an outfit she put it on and tears started falling down her eyes in shock on how beautiful she felt and looked and that brought tears to my eyes! I fell in love with that moment and decided I wanted to help all curvy women around the world have a moment like that and that's what I'm working on now.

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