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DMVing It Up

My summer goal was to take a trip each month May to October, so far so good. Over the weekend I visited Washington, D.C. and a few cities in Maryland. I celebrated the engagement of a friends, enjoyed some typical tourist sightseeing, ate some unique foods to the area, and of course partied. I absolutely loved every second of being in DC - eating, sightseeing, and of course the club. I stayed at the Hilton right on Connecticut Avenue and Saturday I decided to go explore the area. I love the culture and how it's so many ethnic restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and retail stores. Georgetown was my absolute favorite, despite my disappointment in Georgetown's Cupcake ridiculously long line. I spent equal time in Bethesda and Silver Spring Maryland where the engagement party festivities took place. Sunday was my last day and my friend wanted to take advantage of fresh whole crabs in Baltimore. The Baltimore Harbor was breathtaking with blue skies and matching waters. My trip was so short, so I definitely will be returning to DC to finish sightseeing and party a little harder.

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  1. I love this look, hugs the curves just right (double snap 👌👌)


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