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Ever since I saw the Tony Bianco "Ariette" lace up boots featured in the Alex Perry runway show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, I was determined to have them. They kept popping up on my Instagram timeline on the likes of Emily B. and other fashionable celebrities. A popular brand, Zigi Girl, made a version for Bakers Shoes, but unfortunately they stopped at size 11. I did some research and found them on AliExpress (search thigh high lace up boots). After trial and error, ordering a pair that didn't fit and reordering a pair in a bigger size, I finally was happy with them. I purchased the faux leather ones, which look more expensive. I debuted the shoes last night and I learned these aren't made for partying! I'll probably save these for upcoming photoshoots. I paired the thigh high boots with a mini leopard dress from one of my fav boutiques, Chic and Curvy. Kept the look simple with a MAC nude lip and my infamous dark eyes.

Here are a few things to remember: purchase additional shoelace (you'll run out if you have bigger calves and thighs), go a size up, and they are not comfy. It took me a while until I found some shoelace that matched the original ones that came with the shoes, I had to get a size 13, and because they're single soled they are not comfortable in the least and your toes slide out the front. Not to mention it takes like 20 minutes to just unlace and lace them back up.

Dress: Chic and Curvy | Shoes: Aliexpress | Clutch: Forever 21


  1. Where did you find the extra shoelaces?

  2. These shoes are amazing...I can't believe you found these beauts off aliexpress!?!?!

  3. Very cool boots. The style is very popular this year even Forever 21 has also released a similar style boots.

  4. This look as by far one of my absolute favorite?!! I'm uncertain what's your lifestyle regimen but you look fierce and fit!!! I read your blog about how comfortable the boots aren't... Great heel for the closet though... I'm debating... decisions!!! Thanks again for sharing your fabulousness!!!

  5. Sweet baby Jesus I need these in my life!!! Do you remember the AliExpress seller? I would order them TODAY!


  6. who was the aliexpress seller and where did you purchase the extra lace

  7. Can you post the link for the Aliexpress vendor you purchased the shoe from. Also, how tall are you?


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