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Why Don't You Model?

I've always been asked "Why don't you model?" I never pictured myself in front of the camera. I've always been the creative director kind of girl like Grace Coddington of Vogue. I love wardrobe styling, doing makeup, and creating the overall vision. A friend dubbed me the #SelfieSlayer on Instagram, but posing and being photographed professionally always gives me anxiety! I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to shoot with the infamous camera of "Eye of Ray." My friend kept pushing me to take photos saying you never know what you could possibly need them for. It's 2014 and I'm all about my branding this year, so some of these photos will be used for just that. I wore two dresses very similar except the colors are reversed - one from Love Drunk Boutique and another from a local boutique, Pleasantly Plump Boutique. I never knew what hard work actually goes into modeling - posing, smiling, posture, not only looking pretty, but feeling pretty. Kudos to all of my favorite plus size models! I have so much in store this year and I can't wait to unveil some of my projects in the next few weeks.

Black Dress: Love Drunk Boutique
White Dress: Pleasantly Plump Boutique
Photography: Eye of Ray
Hair: Barbie Coco
Makeup: Me
Shoes: Nine West
Brazilian Hair: Madelyn Virgin Hair

Oh, I couldn't forget about my gorgeous beauty headshots. My Madelyn Virgin Hair was so luscious and natural in these photos. I'm more in love with this hair each day. These photos are probably my favorite out of them all. Don't forget to check out my favorite hair supplier's site for amazing sales on virgin brazilian hair.


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