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Dreamzz Hair Collection Review: Part 3

I received numerous tweets and Instagram comments asking to do a review on the hair again. I got the hair installed in February and had no issues with it for the first month. The longer lengths, 24" and 28", began to tangle, knot, and shed terribly. Also, the ends were extremely straggly looking and split. It was quite strange because the shorter lengths, the 18" and 22", were perfectly fine. I deep conditioned the hair and let the conditioner sit for a few hours, which seemed to work but after a few days the issue resumed. The hair began to shed more and knot up. The knots weren't able to be combed through causing a bunch of hair to come out. I expressed this concern with Dreamzz Hair and they were very shocked and sent me two new bundles in 28" and 30". The the ends were straggly again, so I was hesistant to install these two. I got the new hair installed on Friday by the fabulous Tara of Royalty Beauty Bar. My initial thought was to remove the hair in the back and install the new bundles, but my stylist recommended to leave them in and just add the new hair. After unraveling the 30" bundle it wasn't even a full bundle. It was enough to double the track and that was it! I was so shocked. Most bundles are 4 ounces and this one couldn't be that. It was confirmed by Dreamzz, that the 30" bundle was only 3.5 ounces. Tara did an excellent job and my hair longevity will probably be another 2-3 weeks. The new hair is not dyed, so when blended with my jet black hair it has a higlighted, almost ombre effect. Because of styling, my hair never looks bad, but the way it was shedding and knotting up, I was very frustrated. Overall, I've been pleased with the service of Dreamzz Hair. She has been very receptive to my feedback and concerns and has since found a different vendor to ensure higher quality. For those who have purchased this hair, what are your experiences?


  1. I have a partial.... ordered 2 Bundles 24 & 26....added color and it seems cool have washed several times ....had it installed 2/28

  2. Thank you so much. Appreciate your review!

  3. The jury is still out for me. It seems a little frizzy at times. I ordered 18', 20', 22' and 24' but only installed 3 bundles. The hair is ok but I wouldn't order it again.

  4. I will never order from them again. First of all my hair didn't come on time like it was suppose to. By the time the hair was installed we realized that the wrong hair was sent(my stylist knows her hair!) and because she is dope like that...she styled it very well however after the 3rd time she washed and conditioned in April(after 4wks installed) the hair was a damn mess! Knotted, tangled and wouldn't curl right. I am very disappointed and cannot wait to take this mess out of my head!


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