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Little Black Dress

It's been a while since I rocked a sexy LBD. I was in a fashion emergency and had nothing to wear, so my friend Aly came to the rescue bringing tons of options to my apartment. She had a basket full of dresses and I had my eye on this black crochet dress she rocked before. The dress had plenty of stretch and it fit perfectly. (Crazy what a little spandex can do for the fuller figure!) I got so many Instagram comments asking where the dress was from. Aly purchased the dress from Ross earlier this year and some of my followers informed me they found it at T.J. Maxx for as low as $12. I love the mixing textures, so my favorite fringe booties added a nice contrast. Nude lips, big Kim Kardashian hair, and a smokey eye were the finishing touches.
Dress: Borrowed | Shoes: Nine West "Icelandic" | Clutch: Forever 21 | Lipstick: MAC Lady Gaga Viva Glam

Very Important Person

Fall fashion is my favorite because you get to be a lot more creative with layering and textures. I went to a birthday party for a friend last weekend at Tanner's in uptown Charlotte. I was in a casual mood, but still wanted to be glamorous. I paired a white and black sweatshirt (so on trend for the season) with a mesh detail skater skirt. I've had my eye on this "VIP" sweatshirt for a month and was unsure of the fit considering it's from the straight sizes at Forever 21. I was so geeked the size large fit just right. Forever 21 and the plus clothing have been so on trend with the fashion lately. Anyways, white tube socks and grunge, chunky boots with gold details completed my look. My favorite hot pink lipstick, Candy Yum Yum, always adds a pop of color to any monochromatic outfit.
Sweatshirt: Forever 21 | Skater Skirt: Forever 21+ | Clutch: Forever 21 | Boots: Torrid


AGGIE PRIDE! If you never experienced a North Carolina A&T State University homecoming, then your life isn't complete! If you search the hashtag #GHOE (Greatest Homecoming on Earth) on Instagram or Twitter, you can the idea of how epic our homecoming is. I celebrated my alumni homecoming over the weekend in style reconnecting with college friends, seeing familiar faces, and capturing memories. I wore a t-shirt dress from Forever 21 (main line) with a chic camouflage jacket from Luxe Vain Boutique. I told you I'm uber obsessed with the athletic wear trend, so the t-shirt dress was perfect. I'm all about attention to details, so my black and nude illusion tights and chunky combat boots completed my look. I can't wait for next year! Follow me on Instagram for more exclusive photos!
Dress: Forever 21 | Shoes: Torrid | Jacket: Luxe Vain | Tights: Pamela Mann (eBay)

Madelyn Virgin Hair Review: Part 1

I'm so excited to have my long, luscious locks back! I've partnered with Madelyn Virgin Hair. I absolutely love the texture, softness, and very natural look. It blends so well with my hair, which is why I'm a fan of Brazilian hair. I have four bundles of 22", 24", 26", and 28" installed in the Brazilian Body Wave texture. I'm going to add another bundle of 28" for fullness. I always recommend purchasing two bundles of the longest length to achieve a fuller, voluminous look. So far I'm loving the hair. I have experienced just a little shedding, which is common with virgin hair. Stay tuned for my next review once I dye it!

Madelyn Virgin Hair has an exclusive sale for Diary of a Fatshionista readers. Buy two bundles and get a free 18" bundle. The sale ends Sunday at midnight. Couldn't forget about you fatshionistas!

Fatshionista Files: Drini

I am a lover of makeup, beauty, and anything fabulous, so a girl who embodies those qualities is always on my favorite list. Drini, a 30 year old native from Floss Angeles, caught my eye on Instagram for her flawless brows and her playful execution of eyeshadow. After scrolling through her photos, I saw she was a plus size girl and fell even more in love. She isn't afraid to take fashion and beauty risks, which definitely makes her a fatshionista.

"I started my makeup career ten years ago. I realized I really had a knack for it when Mary J. [Blige] asked me to do her makeup after seeing my work. Although I never got the chance to do her makeup, I knew I was on to something. So ten years later I'm still going strong and waiting for the chance to Drini her!"

Describe your personal style?
This question is always hard for me because I’m so carefree when I dress and I’m never able to commit to one style. If it’s cute and comfy, I rock it. I’m not a slave to trends and tend to create my own trends based on my mood that day, week, or month.

Where are your favorite places to shop?
I have a background in fashion, so I design a lot of my clothing and have it made. The design conception, drawing, picking out fabric and fittings take me back to design school (shout-out to my FIDM’ites). Online, I shop at,,, and

What does being a fatshionista mean to you?
It means embracing your curves and flattering it with the dopest fashionable goodness you can find. Simply put… you and make no apologies!

What's your advice to other plus size girls?
Find the asset you love the most and accentuate it……your legs, arms, back, booty……whatever it is… don’t however have to over-flaunt to be fashionable……think sassy not trashy.

Where do you draw fashion inspiration?
Everywhere, from anyone, at any time. I’m really into the international versions of fashion magazines.

What's your best beauty secret?
A happy heart.

What's your favorite piece in your wardrobe and in your makeup bag/kit?
My Colin Stuart faux suede tie-up sandals. They can be dressed up or down and make my feet so happy. In my makeup bag I cannot leave the house without mascara and gloss, those items are essential.

What makeup trends do you foresee this fall?
I foresee bold prints, fab colors like magentas, deep wines, and rich greens.

What are some makeup do’s and don’ts?
DO invest in a deep, rich red (think M.A.C’s Ruby Woo), red is the type of color that adds life to a makeup-less face. DO bleach your brows to soften your face if you have red, blonde or light brown hair (try Sally Hansen or Jolen facial bleaches). DO rock Bronzer all year long….people tend to think it’s a summer-only trend, it isn’t. DON’T be afraid to experiment with eye-shadow colors; I tell all beginners to start with one color for your lid and expand from there. DON’T fall victim to department store prices……drugstore cosmetic brands can be comparable and sometimes even better alternatives. And lastly, DON’T try to rock your entire makeup kit on your face at a time……you think it’s cute, I promise it’s not.

What are items that you think every girl should have in their makeup kit?
Pigments (pigments are loose shadows and often easier to apply than say a matte shadow). I think every girl should invest in a vibrant pink, rich red and subdued nude lip color (Wet N Wild, believe it or not, makes amazing matte lipsticks). BLUSH!! Blush gives skin instant color. And of course mascara, I look sleep until I apply mascara…..I have a million different mascaras in my kit.

What’s your opinion on all of the self-professed “MUAs” on social media?
Hmmm…..I think the title “celebrity makeup artist” is overly used and often misunderstood by those who use it. I find that MUAs on social media advertise other products more often than showcase their own natural talents. I also think the number of followers a makeup artist has is a misrepresentation of their skill, not always, but a lot of the time. A lot of “followers” don’t really grasp what quality makeup application looks like and are often just spectators and drama creators. I however know a lot of amazing artists online, most of which I met online, so to them and all MUAs whose work speaks for itself and those who have amazing talent coupled with amazing personalities, I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing your gift with us!

Instagram: @MissDrini

Twitter: @MissDrini

Facebook: Makeup By Drini

Sugar Coated

Fall has arrived full force with crisper days and even nippier nights. I wasn't expecting the sudden chill and now it's mandatory for me to begin my coat shopping. I love fall and winter for the simple fact all you need is a fab coat and boots. When I was in college, I used to wear a pajama shirt under my peacoat and no one ever knew. I'm all about staying fabulous withing breaking the bank.

I stumbled onto Roaman's on my hunt for the perfect coat. Several trends that I want to incorporate into my wardrobe this fall are fringe, military, and fur. I found a gorgeous camel fringe suede coat, a hooded cargo jacket, and a leopard  faux fur coat. You have to stay warm, but the fun thing is there are jackets for different occasions. Whether it's an everyday jacket, going out, or for dressier events, your coats have to match.

The suede fringe jacket has a western feel with the fringe on the back and along the sleeves. Its fashionably loose and gracefully oversize design still provides ultimate style and comfort. Go cowgirl! I'd pair this with matching Minnetonkas, leggings, and an oversized sweater.

The military theme is by far one of my favorites because it adds so much edginess to any outfit. This fur hooded cargo jacket is the perfect everyday jacket. Not only is it warm, it's very stylish. The long hem-line keeps you warm and also flatters your shape. This jackets comes in army green and black.

For those cold party nights, you still want a fabulous jacket to rock walking into a venue or at a dinner party before it's whisked away into coat check. I've always had a leoapard faux fur coat on my wishlist. This would be perfect for holiday parties and especially New Years Eve. Afterall, in this cold months the first thing everyone sees is your jacket before your party dress. I love the fun leopard print, but also the champagne color.

Wake Up Pretty Party

I had a fabulous opportunity to be a guest blogger for the Nordstrom South Park's "Wake Up Pretty Party" last Saturday from 8:30-9:30am. The show consisted of representatives from such brands as Clarisonic, Chanel, Bond No 9, MAC, Nars, Lancome, Dior, and Smashbox (just to name a few) introducing new products for the fall and also tons of amazing giveaways. The set-up was very New York Fashion Week like with the black wooden chairs forming a runway. I sat front row snapping photos of the show. I even won a MAC bAttendees had the chance to enjoy one-on-one appointments with beauty experts to learn makeup applications and get their makeup done and score exclusive gifts with purchases. It was such an amazing event to be apart of and meet tons of the friendly, knowledgeable team at Nordstrom South Park. I loved my swag bag the beauty team gave me. It was filled with tons of samples and a full bottle of Chance by Chanel perfume - my first Chanel scent! I told you all I'm obsessed with athletic inspired outfits and rocked a navy and white striped jersey from 8One12 Boutique and white faux leather joggers from Love Drunk Boutique. This trend is so fun, comfy, and chic!


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