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Hi ladies! I've been on the fence about entering the YouTube vlogging world. You all have been pushing me to upload videos on OOTDs, hauls, makeup tutorials, and much more. I want everything done right, so I'm going to invest in a camera to record fabulous videos. Until then my iPhone 4 works just fine, so enjoy my random ramblings. Thanks for all of your continued support and love. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.


  1. I would definitely party with u. if I ever have the opportunity we would def get a long. great tip on the hair. I'm really interested into stepping into the world of weaves. I never had in. I mean after u pay $200 for the bundle how much do u have to pay to get someone to do it and how do u know how u want it done? U couldn't just buy it black? Do u leave some of your hair out in the front? Does it make it grow? Spook many questions about weave I'm like the only black girl on the planet that has never had one. only braids. <3 MIA. thabku!!!

    Www.thickdaddys.blogspot.comNice!!! I like u even more now.

  2. cool !!
    takes a look at my blog when you have a little time, thank you!


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