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GHOE 2012

I celebrated my second alumni homecoming over the weekend with my two girlfriends Crystal and Yves. I was so excited to share this legendary event, GHOE aka Greatest Homecoming on Earth, with them and allow them to take a glance at a HBCU homecoming. We partied hard Friday and Saturday capturing moments I'll remember for the rest of my life. Both weekends we partied free of charge at Lotus Lounge thanks to my great friend Adolph Shiver. Friday night, one of my favorite rappers Yo Gotti rocked a packed club. I wore my black and white color blocked Forever 21+ dress with silver accents, bone straight hair, and green Kaoir lipstick. The dress was so soft, comfortable, and fit like a glove. The finale day consisted of "the yard," which was crowds of alumni, students, locals, and out of towners and yet another VIP club night. My day outfit is my favorite outfit to date. I ordered each piece of this outfit and it was Christmas each day receiving all my packages in the mail last week. I wanted to go for a urban streetwear look inspired by Rihanna and Teyana Taylor. A bold graphic tee, distressed shorts, suspender leggings, chunky costume clip-ons, and Timberland boots completed made for a casual chic look. My black mesh dress Saturday night was gifted from Voluptuous Vixen Boutique. Adding some Kim Kardashian curls, dark eyes, and a baby pink MAC lip kept everything sexy. This was the best homecoming I've ever experienced and I had the best time ever with my friends. I felt so proud to be an alumna of North Carolina A&T State University. AGGIE PRIDE!

 Below you can find where I got the pieces to my day outfit. 

 "BOSS" t-shirt: Custom Plus
Distressed Shorts: Revamped by Karren 
 Tights: eBay 
Earrings: Jibby Jewels

WSSU Homecoming 2012

I had the opportunity to experience two colleges as an undergraduate, so I get to attend two homecomings again this year. Yesterday, I headed back to where I spent my freshman and sophomore year for Winston Salem State University's homecoming. I met up with close friends to party and enjoy the festivities. I attended a day party at Club Therapy in downtown Winston Salem. Of course, we were fashionably late and only partied for 30 minutes before it was over. I wasn't too happy about that, but got to see tons of familiar faces. I wore a Forever bodycon skirt, a simple white scoop neck t-shirt, and a dove patterned blazer from Forever 21+. I'm always overdressed, but overdressing is my theme. My plans were to head back home to Greensboro, but I was heavily persuaded to attend the COLORS party held at the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum. It had to be a big deal if the event was being held at a coliseum and a rumored of 1,000 presales sold. This bold look was heavily inspired from the 2011 Emmy Awards where tons of ladies rocked red gowns. My peplum dress, gifted by My Empiricist, was the perfect fit and super comfortable. Another red carpet inspired piece - turquoise jewels - completed my look. I received so many compliments on my Jibby Jewels necklace throughout the night. Keeping with the red theme, I sported a red MAC lip. I'm not much of a necklace girl, but the chunkier and bolder the better. The party was the perfect end to the weekend. This was just a pregame for the Greatest Homecoming on Earth -North Carolina A&T State University.

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