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Fatshionista Files: Jeka & Jeke

Jeka and Jeke Ramos, their names are an abbreviation of their full names, are curvy 24-year-old identical twin stylists from the Big Apple - New York City. Although these sisters are twins, their styles are very different. Jeka majored in fashion design and dedicates her time in designing chic one of a kind pieces to her clients and some of her own. Jeke majored in fashion merchandising and marketing, so of course she loves all aspects of fashion even the branding. Read Diary of a Fatshionista's interview with the lovely sisters of La Maison Deux.

Explain your blog name.
The direct translation of La Maison Deux, its French for The House of Two. Two for twins. Designers, usually couture designers, often call their design studio a house. Such as House of Dior. Its where everything fashion is created and alas came about La Maison Deux.

Describe your personal style.
Though we are identical twins are styles are distinct. Jeke has a more classic style that's timeless and ethereal and Jeka has more of an edge, tailored/structured pieces and leather/skin are her thing. Though its great to stay on trend, we don't follow them, we wear whatever our creative spirits tells us to and that is style all on its own.

Where do you shop?
We shop anywhere clothes are available! We do a lot of online shopping, our favorites thus far are ASOS Curve+ or Simply Be. NYC is filled with stores that cater to our fashion needs and sizes you just have to go find them, Forever 21,  H&M for mainstream, and Harlem has lots of shops with fashion forward garments. We also like to thrift in our mother's closet and consignment shops. That's actually the best way to go because clothes were cut bigger in previous decades so you'll be surprised at what will fit you.

What does being a fatshionista mean to you?
For us Fashion is universal whether you're fat, thin, tall or short. It's a way for us to express our individuality. We want to break this societal code that certain groups of people can't wear certain fashions and YOU CAN! All you need to do is make it your own and strut that sidewalk with confidence.

What's your advice to other plus size girls?
Take risks! A lot of our followers and friends alike are so afraid to try new things and its because someone else told them not to be different. You'd be surprised as to what looks great on you but you'll never know if you don't try. That's also goes for anything in life. Get out of your comfort zone!

Where do you draw fashion inspiration?
Our fashion inspiration is a combination of many things. It derives from our mother and her style when she was our age, from our culture, from where we grew up and from true fashion legends such as Carolina Herrera and Alexander McQueen. We take all of those elements and make our style our own.

What's your best beauty secret?
BRONZER! Every woman should have bronzer in their makeup kit. It has so many uses. You can contour your face, get those sexy high cheekbones and enhance your cleavage or give you a sunny vacation glow while its winter time.

What's your favorite piece in your wardrobe?
A tailored black blazer, its a piece that you can dress up and dress down. You can put it over a white t shirt and look super chic. Its our go-to piece.

What's a trend you foresee/love for the summer?
Colorful denim! A few years ago, all the men had colored skinnies and now the women have it and IT'S ABOUT TIME. Denim is timeless and adding a different element to like different colors just gives your wardrobe a lot more variety. More variety equals more outfits. Who doesn't love that?
Love these girls as much as I do? Stay connected with them. 
Twitter: @LaMaisonDeux 


  1. Pretty and stylish!! My style is more like jeka...I'm following :)

  2. Oh they are the bomb and i love both of their styles! Headed to their blog now!


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  4. Fellow beautiful, curvy Latinas ftw!


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