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Fatshionably Chic in the Office

Dressing to impress is just as important in the office as it is on a night out and with so much choice available, it can be difficult to know which items will best suit a fuller figure. It's always important to buy the right size: squeezing into a smaller size will just make you feel uncomfortable, and clothes that are too big for you will just hang off you in an unflattering way. Throw in a few confusing office dress codes, and you've got a recipe for disaster!

Business Professional
When selecting formal business wear, choose jackets with wide shoulders, as these will make your waist appear smaller in comparison, helping to achieve the classic hour-glass figure. A-line skirts that finish just above the knee can make legs appear longer, and wedge heels can make ankles seem slimmer; if wearing trousers, boot cuts or light flares are usually flattering styles on plus size ladies. Select fitted blouses with short, but not capped, sleeves, preferably in a style that sits outside the trousers waistline, rather than being tucked in.

Business Casual
For women requiring casual business wear, it’s best to avoid large stripes of any kind. Smaller, more intricate patterns or any prints, including floral and polka dot, will usually be most flattering. While it’s true that darker colours can be slimming, they can also draw attention to lumps and bumps that you might prefer were over-looked. Ask friends, family or a coloring specialist to discover which shades best suit you, and stick to those for your tops, leaving darker colours to skirts and trousers. If your upper body is very curvy, you may prefer to avoid silk, satin, or similar fabrics, as they can be very unforgiving. Cotton tops that are fitted under the bust and flow down over the waist will help you to make the most of your fuller figure; wearing a properly fitted bra will help, too.
In a more casual workplace or at offices that celebrate casual Fridays, for example, you have even more variety. A patterned wrap-around dress can look good with low-heeled sandals in summer or knee-high boots in winter. If dresses aren't your thing, leggings can be coupled with long tops, providing the leggings are plain, not patterned, and darker in color than the top. Adding a belt can help emphasize your waist.
In all scenarios, stay away from shapeless garments, such as shift dresses and knitwear. Your clothes should work with your figure, not against it.


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