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Fatshionista Files: Noel

This month’s Fatshionista Files features Noel, a blonde bombshell hailing from Houston. She caught my eye on Twitter and I immediately fell in love with her bold, glamorous, and risk-taking style. This 24-year-old curvy cutie works for MAC, so she knows a few things about a beat face. I love Noel’s fearless fashion and fierce shoe game.

Describe your personal style.
I would say my personal style is edgy-glam! I'm not afraid of fashion, but I know what works for me. I always say if Carrie Bradshaw and Rihanna had a baby it would be me!  

Where do you shop?
The question is where don't I shop. Some of my favs are ASOS, Forever 21, Macy's, I could go on for days.  

What does being a fatshionista mean to you?
Being a fatshionista means having even more of a reason to make sure I'm fabulous every time I step out because it's not expected for plus size girls to be fashionable!

What's your advice to plus-size girls?
Know your body. If you like it don’t be concerned about what everyone else will think about you and your clothing, if you like it and it’s suitable for your body and your curves don't be afraid!  

Where do you draw fashion inspiration?
I draw my fashion inspiration from different aspects of my life, my moods, the season or my surroundings! I learned fashion very early as a little girl from my mother. I can sit and think in my mind about an outfit and it would be something no one would understand. As a makeup artist my mind is always thinking of something new and different.

What's your best beauty secret?
Highlighting and bronzing. Every girl could stand to have a lift in the cheekbones and a good contour always does the trick and makes the face look slimmer.

What do you feel the most sexiest in?
Six inch heels. It’s just something about them!  

What's your favorite piece in your wardrobe?
That’s such a difficult question because I try not to show favoritism.  

Trend you absolutely love this winter?
One trend I love this season is bold bright colors incorporated into fall. I love this trend because when you think of fall you typically think of dark hues, but this season pops of color have been incorporated into this seasons trends and I love it! It’s nice to see something different!

Want to know more about Noel, then follow her on Twitter and follow her blog Le Glam Princess of Curves.


  1. Great post Mia! I love Noel's sense of style. Definitely up my alley! Will be checking her blog out, thanks to you!

  2. Obsessing over every one of her outfits.

  3. I love this chick...Whoo Houston represent!!!! lol-Brittany

  4. LOVE her!!!!

    Thanks for the interview!

  5. She is sooo beautiful. She reminds me of a young Evelyn Lozada


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