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Fatshionista Files: Aryn

Last year, over 4,000 young women entered Torrid’s House of Dreams Model Search. Aryn was one of the six finalists who were selected. She won a luxurious trip to Los Angeles were she (and the rest of the winners) were photographed in the season's fashions. This 21-year senior, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, embodies both brains and beauty. Pursuing a modeling career post-graduation, Aryn is sure to be the next Crystal Renn. I can't wait to see her grace the glossy pages of Harper's Bazaar, Essence, and Vogue.

Describe your personal style.
I would describe my style as being feminine, chic and bold. I think when I'm getting dressed I always mix very simple items with other bold pieces. I don't like to really categorize myself into a certain group because many times I find myself really liking different kinds of items whether they are chic, classic, avant-garde, etc. (you know, items that seem to fit into the typical "style categories"). I love prints, colors and glamorous items that add a little luxury to my outfit.

Where do you shop?
I shop at a variety of stores from straight-size to plus-size. My favorites include Nordstrom, Forever 21, Akira, H&M, ASOS and Torrid.

What does being a "fatshionista" mean to you?
Being confident in your curves! Fatshionistas continue to be stylish despite what society may think about her size.

What's your advice to plus-size girls?
My main advice is to try it on! For as long as I can remember, I have always been one to really try any garment on even when the numbers don't agree with your standard size. You'll be surprised at how things will fit and might end up walking out a store with a bag full of amazing items.

Where do you draw fashion inspiration?
I'm naturally a people observer, and I tend to be inspired by them no matter where I am. I enjoy noticing how I might see the same top on 3 different people but they are all wearing it differently. Designers that I really pay close attention to are Rachel Roy for her sense of femininity, Angela Simmons for her evolving eclectic style and high-end designers like Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs for their innovative use of construction.

What's your best beauty secret?
Mascara & bronzer are two items I live by! Most days out of the week I'm just going to class so you'll find me adding a little extra glow to my face by use of these two items. If you're not in the mood to pack on the make-up, I think you can enhance the freshness of your face by just using these in the morning. But when I'm feeling dressy, I gravitate towards bold colors. I am obsessed with lipstick! I have a growing collection. During this time of the year, I am really into darker tinted lipsticks such as dark purple and hues of orange that fit into the fall season.

What do you feel the most sexiest in?
I would have never said this years ago, but I feel most sexiest in my heels. I'm 5'10 and it took me a while to get over the fact that I may tower over the boys. I feel really sexy when I'm wearing something casually dressy but when I throw on a pair of high heels, I can walk in a room extremely confident.

What's your favorite piece in your wardrobe?
My favorite piece in my wardrobe is actually a dress that I have yet to wear. It's a vintage multi-colored sequin dress that needs a little tailoring but I think it will be amazing for the perfect occasion! I found it two summers ago at ReDress NYC, a plus-size vintage shop in Brooklyn.

What’s a quote you live by?

"Don't kill your dreams, execute them.”

What’s a trend you love for the fall?
Fringed clothing! I also recently have just spotted some shoes with a very cute fringe tassle hanging from it that I'm in love with. My other must-haves include collar necklaces and flowy chiffon shirts.

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