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Can Plus Size Women Wear Capes?

Capes have hit the headlines in a big way over the last couple of years and during Winter 2011 they are set to be as popular as ever. They are stylish, sophisticated, elegant and just a little different from your everyday coat, so can plus size women pull them off too?

The problem with capes is that they tend to end around waist length – exactly where most of us plus size ladies would prefer to draw attention away from. Once you start shopping for capes it doesn't take long to notice that actually the cape comes in many shapes, styles and colors, so we think we can make it work for you.

Choosing the right style is the key and knowing which style will suit your frame is simple enough. Capes can do come with belts (great for pear-shaped women), but for larger ladies we would suggest a long-length cape, something that ends around the thigh to help elongate the body, creating height and a slimmer appearance.

Always go for lighter layers under a cape as you don’t want to appear too bulky; it is this that makes us feel that capes are better suited to the autumn and early spring as you might need those extra layers during the winter months - and warmth should really come before style for the sake of our health!
Remember it is you that wears the clothing, not the other way round. If you appear confident in your cape, you will look great. If it is clear that you feel awkward wearing this slightly different trend, it might not create a great style for you.

Teamed with jeans and heels, a cape in our mind looks really sophisticated. You can easily pull this off and there is no need to think that your shape prevents you from trying any trend. Plus size clothing specialists, in catalogue shopping and online stores especially, have increased rapidly in the last few years and they are excellent at providing plus size women with a much wider range of styles and on trend clothing.

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  1. Nordstrom has an amazing leather trimmed one! Absolutely lovely, I love capes!

  2. I really dig the cape look too :)

  3. Sure but... Where are the plus sized models here?

  4. Plus size models? The top one is what the industry considers "plus size" lol. Unfortunately we are a long way from seeing real sized women in these ads.

  5. Per the industry, the ladies are plus-sized. I've read several accounts where modeling agencies won't put a model above a size 18 on their boards for fashion work. And if she's size 18, she better be 6 feet tall, toned and hourglass or pear with a defined waist.

    But then again, I've never been one who has argued that models are (or should be) representative of all women. I certainly don't use them as the ultimate determinants of whether I'll buy something.

  6. I don't think it ending around the waist area should be a problem. If we're fatshionistas, that shouldn't bother us.

    As long as we can work that cape, it's cool beans.

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