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Over the years of having a job, I've always noticed that women don't seem to get the "business professional" memo. Whether you're interviewing for a job at Old Navy or Bank of America, you must dress business professional. First impressions are everything to employers, so why not look the part? You need to show potential employers that you mean business. I'm a manager at a four-diamond hotel, so I'm in a suit everyday! This post was inspired by a FormSpring question sent me to about 2 weeks ago.

Here are my top tips on what to keep in mind when selecting pieces for your corporate world wardrobe.

1. Invest in a business suit. These can be expensive, but you can always find them on sale. Try Catherine's, Lane Bryant, K&G Men's Mart (they have a women's section), and even TJ Maxx.

2. Know the appropriate heel height. You aren't going to work like you're going to the club. A closed toe heel with a 3" or 4" heel is appropriate. Keep the colors to black, nudes, or brown.

3. Hosiery. You must wear stockings/tights/pantyhose. A bare leg in the corporate work place is not acceptable. Flesh tone stockings are preferable, but you can get away with a sheer black hosiery.

4. Tops. If you have to wear a blazer everyday at work, like I do, it's important to make sure you are wearing the right kind of top. Tops shouldn't be too revealing. Cleavage sends the wrong message at work unless you are a stripper. I wear "shells" as my grandmother calls them. Plain colored scoop neck tops that fit smoothly under my blazer. Sometimes I wear a collared button-down top. Just make sure your girls aren't showing.

5. The fit needs to be just right. As plus size women with curves, rolls, or whatever, we have to go above and beyond to make sure we don't look sloppy or busting out the seams. Sometimes, you may have to get your blazer the next size up. I'm 5'10, so I have to get my pants from Lane Bryant because they have tall sizes.

With these tips, you can't go wrong. If you need any help or advice, send me a question.


  1. The advisor of my organization is older and more traditional and if she didn't teach us anything else, she taught us what's appropriate and what's not as far as business attire is concerned. I've seen too many people come out with pencil skirts that are too tight and 5 in. platform heels and that is NOT business professional OR business casual! Thanks for posting this advice Mia because it needed to be said, especially for the plus size girlies out there. We can't come out looking any kind of way!

  2. I actually asked that question and thank you soooooooo much Mia! I got the job I looked so amazing and I felt so beautiful I was on top of the world! I aced the interview and got the job. I had a banging gray suit from macy's which was 169.00 all together but SO worth it!! thanks again Mia! I owe you BIG TIME lol!

  3. Man, I wish you shared these tips a month ago when I was working in corporate America haha, but they are great to know none the less!

    thanks for sharing



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