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A Wasted Wednesday

Last night, was a total flop! I got all dolled up for nothing! Got to the club, but the security guard was making a big deal out of my Louis Speedy being too big, so I couldn't come in unless I took it back to my car. I wasn't in the best mood, so I left. Came home and snapped a few shots of my outfit. I love this top from the JET line at Torrid. I got it in a size 3 to have that oversized, slouchy look. I paired it with a pink bandage H&M skirt, and my black suede Boutique 9 peep-toes. Whoever said big girls can't participate in the oversized trend was a lie. I love it. The earrings are from my line, Belle Boss Jewelry, which will be available mid-September. Please stay tuned for that!

Keep It Professional

Over the years of having a job, I've always noticed that women don't seem to get the "business professional" memo. Whether you're interviewing for a job at Old Navy or Bank of America, you must dress business professional. First impressions are everything to employers, so why not look the part? You need to show potential employers that you mean business. I'm a manager at a four-diamond hotel, so I'm in a suit everyday! This post was inspired by a FormSpring question sent me to about 2 weeks ago.

Here are my top tips on what to keep in mind when selecting pieces for your corporate world wardrobe.

1. Invest in a business suit. These can be expensive, but you can always find them on sale. Try Catherine's, Lane Bryant, K&G Men's Mart (they have a women's section), and even TJ Maxx.

2. Know the appropriate heel height. You aren't going to work like you're going to the club. A closed toe heel with a 3" or 4" heel is appropriate. Keep the colors to black, nudes, or brown.

3. Hosiery. You must wear stockings/tights/pantyhose. A bare leg in the corporate work place is not acceptable. Flesh tone stockings are preferable, but you can get away with a sheer black hosiery.

4. Tops. If you have to wear a blazer everyday at work, like I do, it's important to make sure you are wearing the right kind of top. Tops shouldn't be too revealing. Cleavage sends the wrong message at work unless you are a stripper. I wear "shells" as my grandmother calls them. Plain colored scoop neck tops that fit smoothly under my blazer. Sometimes I wear a collared button-down top. Just make sure your girls aren't showing.

5. The fit needs to be just right. As plus size women with curves, rolls, or whatever, we have to go above and beyond to make sure we don't look sloppy or busting out the seams. Sometimes, you may have to get your blazer the next size up. I'm 5'10, so I have to get my pants from Lane Bryant because they have tall sizes.

With these tips, you can't go wrong. If you need any help or advice, send me a question.

The Perfect Swimwear

When looking for swimwear, if you are size 14-36 it is a good idea to go for a plus size specialist so that you can get the proper support you need. Good fitting and well-supported swimwear will make all the difference to your shape and will not only improve your appearance, but hopefully boost your confidence as well.

Slimming swimsuits are designed to hold you in where it most matters, it will also smooth out areas and create a more flattering silhouette. For added support you can choose plus size swimwear with extra control panels, designed to hold tummies in and keep bottoms and breasts defying gravity. Control panels, like shapewear, are not always particularly comfortable but if you opt for materials such as nylon and spandex, renowned for comfort, this may ease the tightness that the panels create.

Try to opt for black or dark colurs when choosing swimwear, it is not the most exciting of looks but it is slimming and will always look classic and chic. Loud and bold prints will only draw attention to areas that you may prefer to play down but don’t be afraid to try a bit of color if you opt for blocks of it. Not everyone wants to wear black and opting for blocks of color will ooze confidence.

One-pieces of tankinis are great for plus size women because they are the most flattering and controlling types of swimwear. Go for light cover-ups like sarongs, kaftans or shawls to cover problems areas if you are particularly self-conscious of showing too much skin.

Plus size swimwear is best bought online as plus size specialists tend to have a better selection and a huge variety of designs and styles and it is very important for all women to have more than just a few basic choices.

Fatshionista Files: Ivory

Ivory is a 32-year old Pasadena native who incorporates glam and vintage to create a signature style of her own. Being a size 16 doesn't hinder Ivory from stepping outside of the box and having killer style. A blogger herself, Ivory knows a thing or two (or three) about being a fatshionista.

Describe your personal style.
My personal style I can't describe it really. I dress for me; I wear what makes me happy. I love color and prints, so that's pretty much what you will always see me in. I'm also obsessed with heels; the higher the better. The only time I can be seen without a pair of heels on is at home or if I'm in NYC walking around. Heels are the icing on the cake; in my opinion they make the outfit.

Where do you shop?
I shop EVERYWHERE...flea markets, thrift stores, Barneys, Walmart, online. If it has clothes, I will take a look inside.

What does being a "fatshionista" mean to you?
Being a fatshionista means getting joy that I dress better at a size 16 than most girls do at a size 6.

What's your advice to other plus-size girls?
Best advice I can give to other plus size ladies is to not be afraid to take risks. Forget the "rules"; or go by you, but be confident in doing so. Challenge yourself to wear something that you normally would not wear once a month. Go into a store you swear has nothing in your size and keep an open mind. Oh, and please NEVER, EVER do the "matchy matchy" stuff. You know what I'm talking about: If your earrings are red, then your purse, shoes, belt, bracelet and ring are also red. That is the worst; it makes me cringe when I see it. This applies to all sizes...just don't do it!

Where do you draw fashion inspiration?
My fashion inspiration comes from vintage and anything odd/unique. I do shop at mass produced stores; however I put my own spin on it. I love the 70's era: the high waisted bell bottoms, the polyester EVERYTHING, the platforms, the jumpsuits...I could go on and on.

What's your best beauty secret?
I'm not really a beauty guru; however I recently discovered this blogger, the Moptop Maven. I've been using all natural oils in my hair and on my skin and I can see a major difference. Extra virgin olive oil is amazing; my skin loves it.

What do you feel the most sexiest in?
I feel the most sexiest in my Givenchy heels and a halter dress, tight in the waist, flared skirt, and about an inch and a half above my knee. Oh and a smile; smiles make everything sexy.

What's your favorite piece in your wardrobe?
My mind constantly changes about my favorite piece of clothing. At this current moment, it's a tie between my Jibri dress and this Deadstock vintage sundress that I found at the Salvation Army.

You can visit Ivory's blog, Ivory Jinelle, to take a sneak peek into her fab life.

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