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Torrid Giveaway: Lace Bodysuit

***** CONTEST CLOSED *****

Hi ladies! I miss blogging. I have been extremely busy these past few weeks and haven't been in the blogging mood. A lot has been going on with this Mediatakeout picture scandal. Thanks for everyone who has been supportive and so sweet.

A frequent question you all ask me is if I wear any type of shape wear. The answer is of course! Shape wear is important in the big girl community especially if you have love handles and a big stomach. I love my Spanx and I wear them with any dress or skirt. Shape wear gives me that extra boost of confidence and smooths out your trouble areas. I have a new fabulous giveaway that I am excited to announce! I want to give away this nude and black lace bodysuit from Torrid! It's sexy enough to wear paired with a body con skirt and a black blazer or under your freakum dress.

Contest Rules:
1. Must be following me on Twitter.
2. Like my group on Facebook.
3. Leave a comment telling why you want this item.
4. Leave your e-mail address in the comment.

(Let me know in the comment if you have done 1 and 2).

Only one entry per person, which means ONE comment!

*****The bodysuit is a size 3x.*****

The contest is over Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 11:59 pm EST. The winner will be announced via random number generator on Monday, February 28, 2011. This contest is only open for United States residents.


  1. I follow you on twitter AND I like your group on facebook.

    I want this item because black lace is HOT & I'm a big girl in need of shape wear!

  2. Of course ive done 1 & 2!!!

    I want this Lace bodysuit!!! because i love to wear my underwaer as outterwear!! i think its sleek sexxy(if done rite)fun and flirty

  3. I want this item because:

    1. I'm graduating from college (yay me!)

    2. My longtime bf will soon become my loooong distance bf as a result

    3. Having a going away party(which my bf will be attending) and why not look my best when I say goodbye *wink*!

  4. following you on twitter and liked you on fb :)

    Theres nothing better than sexy lingerie. With sheer tops and lace being "in" this spring I can see myself wearing it with a sexy pencil skirt and fitted blazer



    alliejustforyou @ hotmail . com

  5. I liked you on Facebook(Kieran B.) and I just sent a request to follow you on Twitter as @laceescapades!

    I want this item because like you said, shape wear is important! Plus this piece is sexy, and who doesn't like that?(especially with Valentine's Day around the corner...;D)



  6. This item is definitely a must have for shape wear and I have the perfect black blazer and mini skirt to pair it with!


  7. I already liked you on fb but i don't have a twitter.

    hi,i don't have n item like this in my closet. I would love to wear it under a blazer.

    p/s. sorry about the whole mediatakeout scandal, i thought you looked cute!

  8. ifollwed u on twitter nn like ur fb page
    iwant this body suit because my bday is coming up and trying to put a sexy outfit together to wear on that night..

  9. I've definitely done 1 and 2!

    I want this bodysuit because it is pure hotness! I can definitely see myself rocking this under a dress or pairing it with a pantsuit or skirt suit for work. I can also see many possible styles on my casual off days with this as well.

  10. I follow you on twitter AND I liked your group on facebook!

    I need & want this item because I am a big girl who loves black and hates my love handles! This body shaper is the best of both worlds!

    My email is!

  11. I follow you on twitter as well as liked ur facebook group

    I am not a plus size girl. But I would love to win this item for my best friend. She is currently have been doing so well with her weight loss, she is now down from a 4x to a 3x. I think this item would really make her happy! As I am with her doing her get fit new lifestyle.

  12. This item is super sexy and the possibilities are endless. I love it.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. This is so cute and versitile i could wear this to work with a blazer or out at night with jeans.I've been looking for something like this and i love that it is a bodysuit. it's lace which is always in style and its a shaper too. you can never have too many of those if your a plussize girl. Please pick me i followed you on twitter and facebook. oh and youtube too.

  15. it could be versatile with any skirts, & pants! without or with blazer, you still be Sexy in it! love love, i can see myself rocking it at school, clubs, and on the date...


    followed ya and love your FB group.

    good luck to each contestants!

  16. HEYYY!!!

    I am following you on twitter and liked your group on facebook.

    I would love love love this bodysuit because I would love to try to wear it out - like with a blazer and skirt; something sexy.

  17. Hey Mia,

    I'm following you on twitter..My name is @Urluvcherie
    I also like you on Facebook.

    I would love this body suit because it's absolutely gorgeous, would be a great addition to my wardrobe and a sexy way to show off my figure to my beau! Lol..But seriously this would go perfectly with some black pumps/blazer and some thick skinny leg black denims and it would define the curves even more being that, it was designed for that purpose while looking fabulous!


  18. i follow you on twitter and facebook.
    I want that item because it will be so nice to have for my 21st bday outfit. i was thinking about doing it with this super cool asos jacket and hot skirt!



  19. I'm following your facebook page
    I don't have a twitter account, so I cant follow your twitter, I really hope this doesnt disqualify me :S
    I want this bodysuit becaus its GORGEOUS, it;s well made, and I really want to wear it with a pencil skirt, a leather jacket, and booties.

  20. I love it and I need this in my life! I don't have any type of shape wear in my wardrobe...I've liked your FB page and I've sent you a request on TWITTER


  21. I'm following both. I would love this because big girls can be sexy too. I love this piece!

    Email is

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Sorry forgot to put my email address in previous post!

    I followed you on twitter. (I'm @iampreencess)
    I liked your FB page (Elizabeth Taylor)

    And....I need this because underneath it all, my body is so unorganized! Lol! I need good shapewear to organize my lovely lady lumps! And if I'm going to wear shapewear, it should be sexy like me! This is definitely sexxxy!

  24. I Follow you on Twitter
    I 'like' your FB page

    I want this super sexy shapewear to help me keep it sexxy as I finish a date with my dude and head straight to the bedroom! This would so make undressing fun and pleasurable to the Both of us!

  25. I'm LOVING ur blog! I would rock this lace as outerwear and underwear. I want this because I'm in desparate need of some shapewear...and the fact that this is soooo sexy makes me want it even more! I sent you a "follow" request on Twitter and "liked" you on FB. Pick me! Pick me! LoL! Keep up the fabulous work...

  26. This bodysuit would be great under one of the dresses that I'm wearing during my birthday weekend.


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