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South Charlotte on a Saturday

I spent Saturday in Charlotte shopping at the beautiful South Park Mall with friends and dining. My whole purpose of coming to Charlotte was buying a Louis Vuitton bag and some heels. I saved up money to finally get my bag. This is my second Speedy, but the first one that I purchased. My first bag was given to me from my mom, which was a bag she had when she was in college. This was a highlight of my life and a very monumental moment for me. Just knowing that I will have this bag for the rest of my life and that my future daughter will have this when she enters college. You all will definitely be hearing more about the bag. I also bought the Sam Edelman "Novato" heel in grey suede and some earrings from Aldo Accessories. After a fun-filled shopping day, I went to Nikko's Restaurant, a sushi spot. I've heard so many great reviews about the place. It was definitely poppin'. There was a female dj who was playing all the latest hits. It was an hour wait. I was people watching as I sat in the chic lobby and snapped a few pictures with my friends, Charlie and Raymond. The vibe was great. People drinking, dancing, and the owner was dancing around shaking a tambourine. If you're ever in Charlotte, you must visit Nikko's. I'm not doing any more shopping until my trip to Los Angeles in March!


  1. love the new bag and shoes...where did you get your black knee high boots you are wearing?




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