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Johntine's Boutique

I received my package from Tia who owns Johntine's Boutique, a plus-size boutique in Brooklyn, on Monday. I was so excited and it came super fast. I got the La La Tube Dress and these gigantic hot pink feather earrings. The earrings are so big. I definitely can't wear my hair down with these. I'm thinking about giving these away in another contest! I got the dress in a 3X and it fits like a glove (sorry for not taking a picture, but I was looking a mess)! I will probably be wearing this dress next weekend to this black party, so stay tuned to see what I wear. Check out Johntine's now because she has a Pink Friday sale!

***** UPDATES *****
I finally wore the dress last Thursday at this super-cool themed party, All of the Lights. It was a glow in the dark kind of deal with glowsticks. The dress was super comfortable and flattering.


  1. I've been looking for a flattering tube dress like that for a while. I may have just found something to add to my Christmas list!


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