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Fatshionista Files: Angela

I met Angela via Facebook when she requested me about two months ago. I always get excited to have fashionable plus-sized girls request to be my friend. Of course when I add new people, I have to look at all of their pictures. Angela's style is a mix between glamor and edginess. I love how she isn't afraid to wear body hugging dresses and skirts. Always looking flawless from her jet black hair to her manicured toes, Angie is indeed a fatshionista. Keep reading below to get to know Angela.
Name: Angela C.

Age: 21

Current City: South shore of Montreal, Canada

Favorite places to shop: H&M, Faith 21, and Old Navy

Size: 16

Fashion Icon: Cassie

Why is Cassie your fashion icon?
She always seems to know how to reinvent herself. For example, she shaved the side of her head unexpectedly when we were all used to seeing her with long black hair. When it comes to her style, she never fails me because whatever she wears it always fits her right. Not only that but she stays current with the trends whether it's sneakers or heels, casual or dressy, she never fails to impress me. I use Cassie as an inspiration when it comes to my own style, regardless if she isn’t the same size as me.

What's a trend that you are loving right now?
Loose fitted tops. This is definitely my go to style because loose fitted tops are comfortable and they have different ranges from casual to dressy that you can pair up with jeans, and leggings.

What's something in your wardrobe you can't live without?
My heels!!! I have so many pairs of heels in my closet and each and every one of them are in their distinct boxes, always fresh and ready to wear. To me, my legs are one of my best attributes so wearing heels helps me show them off and it make me look leaner and exudes my self confidence which is key to me.

What advice do you have for other plus sized girls who are trying to develop a sense of style?
My advice is to stay true to yourself when it comes to your style, don’t wear something to be hip or cool, wear it because it's you. Also, maintain your confidence level at all times. If you want to wear something that others might not want you to wear because of your size, just wear it and wear it with confidence. Know that as much as this slim girl can wear it, that you can too! But always make sure that you feel comfortable in it, don’t push it if it doesn’t fit.

What does “fatshionista” mean to you?
A fatshionista is being able to look lovely and dress as nice as the skinny girls out there. When I was growing up and trying to find my own style as a teenager it was so difficult to find clothes that I liked because I loved all the smaller girls clothes, but now that I know that there are more options it’s much easier to express myself with my style. It has become cliché to say that you don’t need to be skinny to look lovely and amazing, all you need is a dose of pride and confidence and the right clothes to fit your style and you got everything to blow all the smaller ladies outta your way!


  1. Get it Angie! Love your look (especially that one shoulder bandage dress)! Werk.

  2. How she is hot... love love her fashion!!!

  3. I love heels too! :)
    CHeck out my blog, I'm new to the world of blogging! I'm following your blog, follow mine too if you'de like!
    P.S. I have the same gold shoes...SO sexy love 'em!


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