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Everyone knows I am the biggest Rick Ross fan ever! I was more than excited when I heard that he was coming to Greensboro to make an appearance at Club Epic. I said whatever it costs I'm going. So of course, me and my gal, Ashley got our advanced tickets for the event. It's so ironic that we both wore all black, my favorite color to wear to the club. I got to the club before midnight thinking the line was going to be crazy and Ricky didn't get there until 2:30. So I guess that's what these celebs do .... only stay at the club for 30 minutes. I took like fifty pictures of him. Still kind of bummed I didn't take any pictures with him. I was so close, but these crazy groupies jumped in front of me. My love for Rick Ross has amplified to the next level. One day I'm going to meet him and he'll fall in love with me and we'll get married and he'll write a song about me. I just want to send a special thank you to Becky at Torrid for sending me these fabulous Dollhouse "Molly" shoes. I never bought Dollhouse shoes because I was unsure of the fit. I'll definitely purchase a pair in the future seeing that the styles are very trendy and fashion forward.
(He was looking at me dead in my face. I was making kissy faces at him! I almost passed out!)

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