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ASOS Curve Wishlist

1. Jersey Panel Leggings $42.11 & Mesh Jersey One Shoulder Top $42.11
2. Tie Dye Embellished Oversized Tee $64.01
3. Floral Jumpsuit $58.96
4. Wired Ruffle One Shoulder Tunic Dress $67.38
5. Embellished Neck Dress $75.80


  1. Nice! I have that floral jumpsuit, it fits so nice and is really comfy! Check out my blog.. (just started it..)

    (^_^) Dionne

  2. Hey! First, gotta agree with you that the oversized MK watch is a must! I have the white one and its my staple piece! Second, please tell me what color lipstick you are wearing at your hello kitty birthday??? it cant be the lady gaga one! xx

  3. Nice Post
    ♥ Blog



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