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ASOS Curve Wishlist

1. Jersey Panel Leggings $42.11 & Mesh Jersey One Shoulder Top $42.11
2. Tie Dye Embellished Oversized Tee $64.01
3. Floral Jumpsuit $58.96
4. Wired Ruffle One Shoulder Tunic Dress $67.38
5. Embellished Neck Dress $75.80

The Boss's Girl

Everyone knows I am the biggest Rick Ross fan ever! I was more than excited when I heard that he was coming to Greensboro to make an appearance at Club Epic. I said whatever it costs I'm going. So of course, me and my gal, Ashley got our advanced tickets for the event. It's so ironic that we both wore all black, my favorite color to wear to the club. I got to the club before midnight thinking the line was going to be crazy and Ricky didn't get there until 2:30. So I guess that's what these celebs do .... only stay at the club for 30 minutes. I took like fifty pictures of him. Still kind of bummed I didn't take any pictures with him. I was so close, but these crazy groupies jumped in front of me. My love for Rick Ross has amplified to the next level. One day I'm going to meet him and he'll fall in love with me and we'll get married and he'll write a song about me. I just want to send a special thank you to Becky at Torrid for sending me these fabulous Dollhouse "Molly" shoes. I never bought Dollhouse shoes because I was unsure of the fit. I'll definitely purchase a pair in the future seeing that the styles are very trendy and fashion forward.
(He was looking at me dead in my face. I was making kissy faces at him! I almost passed out!)

Torrid Mini-Haul

I enjoyed some much needed retail therapy today. I purchased a blazer from Torrid about three weeks ago and took it back today after realizing how unattractive it was on me. I exchanged it for these amazing black studded gladiator sandals and a funky neon yellow, off the shoulder graphic tee.I bought the cutest and cheapest skirt from Target for only $4.98. I wasn't a big fan of this texture, but after my two dresses in the same style from Jen's Fashion Plus, I changed my mind. I can't wait to wear it.The jewelry section at the Forever 21 in Four Season's Mall sucks, but I was surrpised to find the beauties below. These are my new favorites.The Fed-Ex man came back today to deliver my package from Torrid. I had purchased a black peplum skirt and some ripped leggings. I was so excited for both of these items to come, but was so disappointed when I tried on both. The leggings weren't a good fit for me. There were too loose at the calves. So I'll be giving this away in a giveaway. (Stay tuned!) The peplum skirt fit, but the second layer doesn't have much shape. I'm going to work with it though because the skirt has such a great fit.

Fourth of July

I spent my second Fourth of July with my BFF, Erica. It marked our one year anniversary. We didn't get to see the full fireworks, but saw some while in the car driving downtown Charlotte. I wore my rose print shorts sent to me from Torrid. I love them so much. They're light weight, which is a plus in the humid North Carolina heat. I was so happy to be home in Charlotte because the Forever 21s have a wider and better selection of jewelry, especially earrings.
Shorts: Torrid, Shirt: Target, Gladiator Sandals: Torrid, Bag & Earrings: Forever 21
I finally had a good makeup day as well. I need good mascara and primer to feel like my face is at its best. I bought the new Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous. It's so great and it plumps lashes. Everyone thinks I'm wearing falsies when I wear Lash Stiletto. Something new I had to buy after trying a sample for a magazine was L'Oreal Studio Secret Professionals Magic Perfecting Base. It's really thick, so you don't need a lot. It makes your skin really soft and gives you a perfect texture before applying your makeup. The red on my lips is Revlon Strawberry Suede.

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