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Two Days Off Work

I had an eventful two days off of work with one of my closest friends and hair stylist, Preston, but known to the social media world as Bradley Lacroix. Sunday night we went to Heaven in downtown Greensboro and I had a blast. The DJ was by far the best I've heard. I love going to clubs that are mixed and the DJ can still play Juvenile and Britney Spears.
Tank & Leggings: Target - Wedges: Torrid - Purse & Earrings: Forever 21

I was in desperate need of a bronzer that wasn't too gold and glittery. I bought the "Weekend" Creme Bronzer from "To The Beach" collection. I spent enough to get my entire face done. Natasha (follow her on Twitter: @bagboneprincess) gave me a little beat face for the evening. I absolutely love it and my new bronzer. I also bought the Lady Gaga lipstick an a concealer.

(left to right) Lady Gaga Lipstick, Studio Finish Concealer, "Weekend" Creme Bronzer
The Creme Bronzer in "Weekend" - It has a creamy feeling, but after applying it on your skin it feels like powder. It doesn't have a wet feeling like you'd think. I love this bronzer because it isn't glittery or gold. The color matches well with my complexion.Everyone knows I'm a fan of princess pink lipsticks and the Lady Gaga shade is definitely one that every fan of pinks must have in their makeup bag. I got word from my friend from MAC that there MAC will be introducing a Lady Gaga lipglass in a few weeks.

A lot of my readers have requested I do YouTube videos and more make-up posts of all the products I use in my makeup looks. I'm so unsure of the video tutorials, but I'm definitely going to do short video vlogs.


  1. mia i love your floral print leggings! you are so pretty <3

  2. yay! i love your makeup posts!

  3. I love your floral leggings, and Preston looks hot, I WANT that Louis Vuitton bag. Keep up the gorgeousness.

  4. I just left MAC and I tried on the pink. The pink wasn't as hot on me as it was on you. However, I found another powder color that makes me feel like a real's called Pretty Please. I am super excited about wearing it :) Thanks for the post!


  6. omg I love the Lady Gaga lipgloss!


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