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These were my favorite looks of my senior year in college. One more semester left and then I'm graduating! Mine was definitely the first look in the second group. The dress was sent to me from Jen's Fashion Plus. I found this gigantic bib necklace which set the entire outfit off. My second favorite was my white party outfit. Simple, chic, and fresh. Which one is your favorite?


  1. Hey, Mia, love the looks....can you tell me where you got that fuchsia/magenta blazer?

  2. I really love the look with the fuschia blazer and the skirt. Def something I'd want to recreate. Where do you find form fitting skirts like that?

  3. The blazer is actually red and I got it from a thrift store. The body-con skirts are actually plain tube tops.

  4. My favorite is the white dress. It looks so hot on you and makes your complexion look super creamy. Is it sheer?

  5. I love the pic in the first row, third pic over. I can't help but to love black. Where did you get those shoes from in the first row?

  6. Savonne - The white dress is sheer in the back, but I had on nude colored Spanx, so I was covered.

    Princess - All my shoes are from Torrid.

    Thanks ladies.

  7. The first look is my fav!!! so sophisticated

  8. i love the one w. the pink blazers. u look amazing!


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