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New Beginnings.

A few days ago, I erased my Gmail e-mail address and by doing this I erased my Google Account. Blogger/Blogspot is a Google product, so by erasing my Google account, my former blog, Lifestyles of the Broke & Famous was erased. I created LBF in May 2008. Just as it was reaching its peak and receiving recognition it was gone. I cried for almost two hours thinking about all of the hard work I put into it, all of the long nights writing posts and editing them, all my followers, the Facebook group and fan page, the companies that sponsored the product reviews, and my future as a fashion editor. I received so many tweets and e-mails from you all asking where did my blog go. I really did not know that so many of you really loved LBF, which motivated me to start something new. Google has a recovery system, but it's very strict and they rarely restore blogs back to users. I couldn't sit around and wait all day on Google. I had to continue doing what I love most, sharing my love of plus-sized fashion with the world. I was sitting and thinking HARD on a new name. Don't get me wrong, I loved Lifestyles of the Broke & Famous, but it didn't directly correlate to plus-sized fashion. I consider my blog to be a diary, so I came up with Diary of a Fatshionista. I hope that you all embark on this journey with me and my new blog. I love you all and I hope you all love the new blog!


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